Denver Dismisses Curfew Violation Charges Filed Against 320 Protesters

DENVER – Protesters dealing with curfew violation charges may have them dropped, town Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday. The town Attorney’s Office is dismissing the circumstances in opposition to people who were arrested for curfew violations through the protests and were not charged with further crimes related to destructive habits or violence, in keeping with a press launch from CAO. Police made more than 300 arrests over several days of protesting for George Floyd. A lot of those arrests had been for curfew violations, which was in place for every week starting May 30 in the town of Denver. However, some those individuals arrested had other or additional fees together with assault, criminal mischief, assault to a peace officer, burglary and arson. The CAO has identified 320 instances that might be dismissed effective immediately. The city said it will even reached out to those charged and supply them the chance to participate in a discussion board with Denver police, the release read. Dates and instances can be announced at a later time. “We recognize the profound worth of peaceful protest, especially now. We’re dismissing the curfew violations as a part of a non-punitive, restorative strategy outdoors of the Court system,” City Attorney Kristin M. Bronson mentioned. “While I very a lot hope that there isn’t a future need for another curfew in Denver, if one is ever imposed, in no matter circumstances, it will be necessary that our residents take it seriously and comply with it. We assist all First Amendment-primarily based protests, however we couldn’t help the violent, destructive conduct that occurred in the early days of the protests. The city was required to institute the curfew to mitigate threat to life and property.

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